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Tips And Tricks
Flyers & Ad's

Second Time Around Billiards
Information on our used warehouse.

Second Time Around Billiards Flyer
Information about Second Time Around

Pictures of our store & showrooms.

H.E.A.D.S. Flyer
Basic flyer about HEADS

I.D. Bracelets
I.D. Bracelets used for events and crowd control

Safari Shop Flyer
Flyer for our Safari Shop

Sandra & Shirley Card
This is a card that we pass out to all of our customers.

Home Shows

Visit Us At One Of Our Shows!
Home Shows We Do During The Year

Pool Tables

Table Diagram
Diagram from Top of Pool Table

How to Move and Setup a Pool Table
A story of how NOT to move a table, followed by the proper way.

Pool Table Cloth
Explanation of the different types of pool table cloth.

Minimum Space Requirements
Explanation of what kind of table you need based on the size of the room.

Table Construction
Here we explain the basic construction of pool and snooker tables.

Billiard Terminology
Basic Billiard Table Terminology

Cloth Cutting Guide
Explains How To Measure and Cut Cloth

Pool Table Leg Shims
Explains how to level tables with leg shims.

Hardwood Wedge
A tool used for baseframe adjustments

Featherstrip Tapping Block
Block used to aide in attaching cloth.

General Care Instructions
How To Take Care of Your Pool Table


Amos & Andy Game Rules
Keyno Style Game for Billiards

Keyno Game Rules
How to play Keyno

29 Color Ball Set
How to play the games for the 29 Color Ball Game Set

Rules For Bumper Pool
How To Play Bumper Pool

Valuable Poker Tips
Poker Tips

Pool Cues

Cue Tip Replacement
How to replace your own tip

Pool Cue Questions
More than you ever need to know about pool cues.

The Pool Cue: A sum of its parts
Disection of the pool cue.

Selecting A Cue That Is Right For You
Information to help you select a cue

Directions & Maps

Directions from H.E.A.D.S to Second Time Around
Directions to our warehouse from store.

Directions to HEADS from I40/I85
Directions to store.


Joe Balsis
Hall of Fame

Jean Balukas
Hall of Fame

Lou Butera
Hall of Fame

Jimmy Caras
Hall of Fame

Irving D. Crane
Hall of Fame

Mike Sigel
Hall of Fame

Dorthy Wise
Hall of Fame

Pool Shark
Promotional Picture

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