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Room size Information

Sample Room Configuration

Room Layout Sample

This is a picture to help in visualizing various attributes and choices in figuring out how to place your table within whatever room size configurations you may choose. Please note that this table was placed in a diagonal dimension to the walls, which illustrates alternative placements. Also shown here are other materials commonly found in home game rooms.


Table Sizes Available (approximate outside dimensions)
3' x 6'
3 1/2' x 7' A very common size in coin-ops
4' x 8' Standard table The norm for most home tables & coin-ops
4' x 8' Classic table The larger antique size used on more upscale 8' tables
4 1/2' x 9' Tournament table
5' x 10' Snooker, Caroms, and true Billiards tables
6' x 12' Larger Snooker, Caroms, and true Billiards tables

Regulation tables:
A note needs to be made on this issue, due to a lot of mis-information in this regard. A regulation table is one that can be used for pool tournaments. The rules addressing tournament play are established by the BCA, and change on occasion. The truth is, that a tournament could be played on any size table in this list, if the tournament was sanctioned by the BCA. The BCA would probably consider the quality reputation of the manufacturer within the industry, more than the size of the table in determining whether to sanction a tournament on a particular size table.

Minimum Space Requirements For The Different Tables

Table space requirements are a serious consideration, and we have had to bring tables back to the store due to someone selecting a table that was too big for a room. To address the problems associated with room size requirements, some people elect to use shorter cues for obstacles, or to get a table into an area slightly smaller than the area needed for a standard 57" cue. To address these issues the following minimum room sizes were worked out with the space requirements for shorter cue lengths figured out.

Table Size Play Area 48" 52" 57"
(Standard Cue)
3' x 6' table 32" x 64" 11' x 13 1/2' 11 1/2' x 14' 12 1/2' x 15'
(standard cue)
3 1/2' x 7' table 36" x 76" 11 1/2' x 14 1/2' 12' x 15' 13' x 16'
4' x 8'
(standard table)
44" x 88" 12' x 15 1/2' 12 1/2' x 16' 13 1/2' x 17'
(standard cue)
4' x 8' Classic table 46" x 92" 12' x 16' 12 1/2' x 16 1/2' 13 1/2' x 17 1/2'
4 1/2' x 9' Tournament table 50" x 100" 12 1/2' x 16 1/2' 13'x 17' 14' x 18'
5' x 10' Snooker, Carom, or true Billiard Table 56" x 112"

15' x 19'
6' x 12' Snooker, Carom, or true Billiard table Need measurements on this one!

16' x 20'

These room sizes are considered minimums, and they do not shrink when you put a table in a room.

Room Options:
IF YOUR ROOM JUST DOES NOT STRETCH, try the living room. The preacher does not typically come by to visit every Sunday afternoon anymore.....We have seen a lot of originality in our years. We have put tables in tobacco barns with dirt floors, we have put tables in high-rise condos where we had to bring them up in elevators after taking the top out of the elevator, and we have put them into mobile homes. Nothing is impossible......the difficult is everyday, the impossible takes a little longer.....

Room Construction:
It helps if the floor is strong enough to hold a table. A table typically weighs about 1000 pounds. We have seen instances where a floor had to be braced in order to carry the live load associated with a lot of people, furniture, and a pool table. For most construction floor support is not a problem. Another problem we have run into with garage conversions is the floor slope. We normally fix floor slope concerns with table leg shims, which in at least one case were over 3" tall.

We have not figured out how to keep a table level on a yacht, and yes we have had requests for pool tables on yachts. We understand that there are several on yachts. The table needs to be ordered while the yacht is under construction so that the legs can be bolted down, because 1000 pounds flying around in a bad storm may hurt someone. It is also good to build in cabinets for all of the accessory items like cues and balls. Note: the table for a yacht is basically the same as any other.


Decorating Options and other room furnishings

There are numerous questions that pop up concerning furniture around pool tables. The rails of a pool table are about 32 inches above the floor. Furniture less than 32 inches tall can be placed around the table, but it helps if enough room is left to walk around the table easily. It is not a good idea to place anything closer than about 30 inches.

The table can be found to match or compliment just about any room color, decor style, or other decorating need. Just about any table can be ordered with any number of cloth colors or pocket options. The table designers have been working for years to make tables fit into any environment. If one manufacturer does not have the table you need, just ask, there are probably 50 manufacturers before considering the many cabinet shops doing special constructions. One be a pool table, it must have a slate top......

A table can be placed anywhere within a room. The only problem is that you should make up your mind exactly where you want it, because it is expensive to move. We make our living moving tables, and will tell you that you do not move one by getting someone with a strong back and a weak mind to shove it over a little. We have replaced a lot of broken slates for that reason at about $900.00 per trip. A proper table move will involve taking the table apart to protect the slate. An exact floor plan, or marks on the floor will aide the crew no-end when trying to place a table in a large room. If an option like a non-conventional angle is desired, placing something like masking tape on the floor along the desired axis of rotation is necessary to get the message across. It is also a good idea to have the person making the decisions present when a move or installation is made.


Lighting Over Pool Tables

We sell lights, we do not put them up. A light over a pool table is usually centered over the table running with the long dimension of the table. Light suspension for hanging lights takes many forms, and normally comes with the fixture. Watch out for building codes that may specify how lights are to be handled, and what specifications may be required for lights hung during new construction and permitted remodeling activities. A caution is that not all pool table lights are UL approved. A second caution is that some building codes require all lights be hung over head high in new construction, which may not be what you want over a pool table. What may be required in new construction, is to leave a covered ceiling box, then to bring the electrician back after the house or game room has gone through inspection to hang the table light.

The atmosphere element of almost any game room is set by the lighting, probably more so than any other room in any house or commercial construction. You can ruin a gameroom with improper illumination quicker than with any other decorating mistakes. I have never seen a bright poolroom of any sort, that I had any use for....but that may just be a personal opinion. I live in an office without windows too.

A good rule of thumb: Hang the bottom or a light over a pool table about the height of the bridge of the nose of the average player.

You want the light to shed light over the table surface, but not to light the whole room. You do not want the light to interfere with playing the game....either from being too low and being hit with cues, or being too high and getting in the eyes of the players when they look across the table. This makes the proper height some sort of magic act. A height of 68" works in my room, and I have seen lights hung from 62" to about 70". No, you cannot usually walk under a light, but then who walks through pool tables anyway? In some decor situations there are alternatives to hanging lights like recessed fixtures, lighted sky windows, track lights etc. My recommendation for any normal ceiling lights is to put a dimmer switch on some type of incandescent fixture. The only type of fluorescent fixture I have seen, that works well, is a suspended fixture.

A caution on pool table will fades in sunlight, and so does the gold bullion often attached to pockets. If at all possible keep a pool table out of direct sunlight whenever possible, as well as cues. Sunlight will dry out almost anything, and it will damage almost all pool related materials. With large windows, it is a good idea to always keep a table covered when not in use.


Commercial Game Rooms

Everything that applies to home game rooms applies to commercial game rooms in triplicate. On the placement of tables, you might get away with a little overlap of playing areas, but not much. Over the years H.E.A.D.S. INC. has accumulated a number of room layouts.....some used, some not used, all of which are free if the crew can still find them. There are manufacturer discounts on tables if you order more than a table manufacturer giving a free table if you order more than 10 etc. Layout of your room is very important if you are to be successful, which most rooms are not. Hanging lights is more important than in home installations, because it may determine how long you are in business. You can deal with whomever you feel will help you the most in the long run, but you best figure that out real early, because the average room is not in business long. When you need to sell a lot of tables, give us a call, we don't sell tables to gamerooms often, but we buy out a lot.

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